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I’ve Never Been Blessed with Blackouts

Written July 2016 I came to, not woke up, on July 10, 1981 and every fiber of my being hurt.  Being a hot summer, Pam and I had pulled our mattress from the bedroom, and thrown it on the floor in front of the air-conditioner. My eyes fluttered open and the sinking feeling of dread sank from my heart to my gut and shuttered through my body with total recognition that I had done it again.  Just because I knew I’d done it again, doesn’t mean that right at that second I knew everything I’d done.  All of that would come to me in pieces over the course of the next fractured period of time.  I have never been blessed with blackouts.  Every humiliating event of the previous night would come to me, but not at once.  It would come to me in random pieces, like a jigsaw puzzle of READ MORE