On Meditation: Denouement

Definition: De·noue·ment [dey-noo-mahn] noun: “A final part of a story or drama in which everything is made clear and no questions or surprises remain. The final stage or climax of a series of events.” The meditation facilitator asked, “Who or what are you resisting?” This was a good question for me now, I thought.  He suggested that we ask it of ourselves exactly like that, “who or what are you resisting?” and not “am I resisting?” Asking this way allows us to be receptive to hearing an answer rather than cognitively searching for one. Is this one of those solutions in search of a problem?  This quandary (perplexity?) was part of my meditation for days.  In other words, am I going to dig up resistance to the question posed by the facilitator just to please him and feel like a good meditator?  I wanted this to be the answer, naturally, READ MORE


Letting Go A Meditation Article

I discovered upon meditating, that when I am at the top of my breath and inhaled completely and it is time to let go, that is where there is some hesitation. At times, it’s more than a hesitation. Sometimes I’m actually holding my breath – waiting, waiting to finish a thought, an idea, an internal dialog, argument, or connect the dots of disparate thoughts. It is in this moment of letting go that often, I don’t; I don’t let go at all. Nature has a way of forcing the issue and the exhale will come, as it must. And I may let go with a huff, or with cautious yielding but I will let go. But then, at some point during the exhale, the letting go feels so good as the muscles relax, my body sinks into the chair, and relaxation takes over. As I think it over now, what READ MORE